It’s a beautiful thing when a career and a passion come together.

I utilise my 10+ years of industry experience to concept, design, and deliver best-in-class products and websites. Going beyond the visuals and user interfaces, I craft user journeys that bring delight to people and solve complicated problems.

My multi-disciplinary skill set allows me to move past the UX/UI phase, through the product development, and guide the overall delivery of the project to ensure a successful launch – as well as supporting any post-launch marketing and product support or feature development.


Project Management

I am skilled in capturing project requirements, estimating resources and timescales; preparing a business case to justify the investment; developing and implementing a plan for the project; leading and motivating the project delivery team; managing budget, and monitoring progress.


Stakeholder Engagement

I am experienced in engaging stakeholders from various levels of a business with a view to gain stakeholder approval and support, minimise their opposition and satisfy their needs as far as possible, anticipate what risks and opportunities might arise, and enable plans to be laid and managed.


User Experience

Through the use of research, analytics, user personas, user interviews, journey maps, and wireframes I ensure that both new and current clients' digital experiences are developed and/or improved by analysing the interaction between the user and a client's product.


User Interface

Using the information gather during the initial UX design phase I produce wireframes and prototypes as a proof of concept through to hi-fidelity visuals ready for the website or application to be built. All design elements go through an iterative process with constant client and user feedback is taken into account to improve the output.



I am experienced in looking at client and product strategies by using competitor analysis, customer analysis, and content development. I work closely with the content production team to ensure that messaging is on brand and works to enhance the users' experience.



As well as looking at brand strategy at a high level, I also can then take the information gathered to make informed decisions regarding the client or products' visual brand identity including logo design, brand messaging, and tone of voice and marketing materials.



As well as being a designer, I am also a skilled developer. My strengths are in HTML, SASS, JS, and PHP although I also have experience in MySQL, Ruby on Rails, and React. I am always looking to enhance my knowledge in these areas, due to the ever-changing landscape. My daily workflow also includes GULP/Webkit and Git.


Team Management

I have vast experience in managing teams - having worked in retail management for 7 years prior to moving into design. My experience includes managing, mentoring, recruiting, and growing teams as well as putting processes in place and promoting best practices.