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Get expert medical advice from a UK-based GP or online Doctor in real time video using your iPhone, iPad, laptop or PC with Push Doctor.

As part of the interview process for Push Doctor I prepared a re-skinned version of their mobile application to support what I wanted to put forward.

The application itself does not differ massively in terms of functionality, however the look and feel has been refined and I have given it a cleaner and fresher feel.

I started out the process by creating 3 user profiles to outline the types of users that would be using this application and from there i developed app wireframes to begin my design process.

Initial sketched wireframe

Once the user profiles and initial sketches were complete, I went to work on creating cleaner wireframes for each screen to get a feel as to how the overall app would look and feel through the users’ journey. Once i was happy with the wireframes I moved onto creating hi-fidelity artwork of the screens to really make it all come to life.

Due to this being for an interview, I didn’t have the available time or resources to go through a full research process so a lot of assumptions have been made in this case.

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