Brand and software solution for artist management.


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Decibel is a start-up business dedicated to providing software and application solutions to the music industry and the surrounding community.

Our solutions are targeted at all areas of the music industry – bands, solo artists, DJs, Managers, Promoters, and Tour Crew; in all stages of development from start-up and cover artists through to worldwide acts.

The music industry has changed a lot over the last decade which has led to a distinct shift in where an artist’s revenue is generated. This is due to the changes in technology and users’ buying habits brought about by music piracy, digital downloads – and individual track downloads – and later, streaming services.

The revenue from the latter is a fraction of that which an artist would have received through conventional physical sales (although significantly more than pirated music).

As of today, a large proportion of artists and/or promoters/managers income comes from ticket sales for live performances and merchandise. The planning and execution of a live performance and/or tour and everything that goes along with it (rehearsals, communication, equipment management, contracts, plus much more) is time-consuming and the more streamlined this process is, the better.

Decibel aims to provide solutions for each stage of the users’ workflow – be that managing rehearsals, equipment management, and communications for a cover band or handling transport, logistics, accounting and contracts for a worldwide act – and we have the experience and insights to be able to achieve this.


Decibel has two distinct brands – one for commercial use and one for consumer use. The commercial brand focuses on minimalism, structure and clear presentation of information, whereas the consumer brand is made to appear ‘edgy’ and current.



The System

Decibel will have a large and diverse range of solutions, features, and tools which cover a wide variety of touchpoints within the music industry.

Our solutions will be split into three core categories – Tools, Entry/Mid Level User Software, and Enterprise Solutions.

The system is currently in development.